• Ian Mellor

January Release

Happy new year!

This release sees the first of the changes on the mobile app coming out of the move to Kotlin. Initially the engineers will only see some cosmetic changes to the login screen, but under the hood we are doing some major rewrites of the existing functionality. Over the next few months we will be working our way through all the screens, refreshing the app, and building for future releases.

We've also been working closely with one of older customers on a re-implementation to grow the system from being used just for their "service desk" - to expand to their "installs", "delivery drivers", and "warehouse" teams. This has focused on changes to processes relating to stock control and serialised stock in this release.

In parallel we have also been adding further capabilities to the mobile annual leave booking processes to support showing the engineers how many days leave they have left each year. This was a feature that was deliberately left out of the original requirements early last year, but we have since realised was needed. The holiday booking module can be enabled for any contractors and allows engineers to request their holidays, and their managers to approve or reject them.

Finally, for back office users, we have added some cute new capabilities to the jobsheet. You can now drag and drop files directly onto a job to attach one or more files quickly and easily.

New Features

  • Holiday summary report to show allocation within the financial year compared to annual leave allowance

  • Changes to the mobile UI: reskin of the login page

  • Add support for drag-drop of attachments onto jobsheet

  • New back office process: simple issue stock direct to job

  • Changes to delivery recording to support multiple serialised stock items on a single line

  • Changes to job financial calculation relating to purchasing – switch from raw “ordered” “delivered” and “invoiced” order values, to “committed”, “firm”, and “confirmed” to reflect improved data as an order progresses through the invoice process

  • Prevent annual leave from being booked spanning financial years (mobile)

  • Prevent annual leave from being booked spanning financial years (back office)

  • Changes to the Xero payment importer to handle sales invoices with part payments across multiple batches

  • Added creation time to purchase invoice summary report

  • Add serial number to the delivery summary section of the PO sheet

  • Limit parts selection to stock items when recording a manual visit (currently disabled for all customers until requested)

  • Added the ability to attach customer QA to job emails

  • Added additional financial information to the variation reports

  • Changes to project job entry from template to automatically increment job numbers relative to the project reference

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to the client wizard to control when unique billing address details are shown

  • Fixes to the supplier communication process