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January Team Building - Crazy Golf

Once again, the Epix Systems team has gone out on an adventure to tighten our bonds as a team, this time in a free for all style compared to the last team building event, the Escape Rooms!

This time, we went to Junk Yard Golf Club where we delved into the world of a decrepit carnival. We got escorted into the caged area, beers in one hand, golf ball and clubs in the other. We began our journey.

We were off to a rough start as, Tim mistakenly thought the sheet we were given to log our scores was one we all got, so the first pot had to be taken again by some of us. Still, we persevered, moving slowly through the course, making the bet “Last place buys drinks”.

We continued on, laughing at James for thinking he had potted the ball in one though we agreed it didn't count because he had to restart after the ball went off the course area, with some of the rest of us also managing to get a hole-in-one! Still, the defeat on some of these pots seemed to really get to some of us, with Ian deciding to go sit down in one of the areas and start working on his laptop rather than playing the course.

In the end Chris won (no surprise there!), and unfortunately, Ian lost and had to buy us all a round! As a team, the experience gained here helped us grow that bit more closer, tightening our bond as colleagues, though I don't think James has forgiven us quite yet…

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