• Epix Systems

July Release

This release has seen a big push to how we support different multi-job mobile applications within the same organisation. For example, fire door replacements, FRA surveys and remedial work, and Voids. This now allows us to support different teams of engineers using different process flows and asset details. We are also continuing our drive to work through older P2 issues so once again there's a large number of small fixes in this release.

New Features

  • (FRA/Voids) Support multiple varied multi-job building maintenance apps within one team of engineers

  • Minor Changes

  • Improved window management – to allow snap to new positions on screen

  • Highlight selected rows in the ready to be charged report, and display a running count and total

  • Add the ability to personalise columns to jobs to be charged report

  • Add filters to the create new charge asset screen so that you can filter the existing charge assets

  • Add a system option to ignore contractor and depot when issuing a job.

  • (FRA/Voids) Improve support for pure building maintenance and multi-job visits within the same system

  • (FRA/Voids) Support different sets of asset details on different multi-job mobile app builds

  • Add contractor and depot names to the list of template surveys

  • Improvements to how we display and manage engineers running older versions of the mobile application

  • Relax purchase order editing restrictions if the contractor does not use the automatic conversion to sales lines feature

Bug Fixes

  • Fix sending of stock locations to non-ACR mobile builds who enforce stock codes

  • Prevent early access to the sor code search box when editing sales lines that triggered partial incomplete results

  • Better handling of File too large errors when sending emails from the system.

  • Correctly update the credit note totals when changing the CIS option

  • Hide archived contracts from cost code setup screen

  • Support bootstrapping new customers with no pre-defined minimum mobile application version

  • Only add the default costcode to the contract specific costcodes if none are selected

  • Correct the calculation of holiday length

  • Default the status of newly created parts

  • Fix order quantity of pre-inspected SORs to display correctly on jobsheet

  • Swap menu item sequencing in multi-job task screen

  • Fixes to contractor specific invoice layouts to handle malformed job descriptions