• Epix Systems

June Release

We have had a major overhaul of some of our internal processes so this release includes a larger than normal list of minor feature requests and small bug fixes.

Our new processes are designed to improve the flow of minor changes that often fall down the priority list in favour of bigger feature requests. We are also dovetailing these new processes into our existing Sprint cycle so that we can continue to target them in the future.

New Features

  • Completed changes and demo setup for FRA / FIRAS surveys and remedial works version of the app

  • Changes to creation of new project jobs to allow better workflow - to match how we handle Care and Repair jobs in both the ACR application and Building Maintenance.

  • New processes to improve how time is calculated and edited across multi-job visits for FRA and ACR applications

  • Merging in of support for Kotlin to allow new Android features to be supported in future builds

  • Minor Changes

  • Change where FRA multi-asset job photos are stored to better associate with the asset/penetration rather than just the survey/repair

  • Changes to the FRA Surveyor app to improve SOR code searching

  • Add support to override default CIS End User for new charge addresses

  • Changes to bulk attachment download screens to support splitting massive zip files across downloads

  • Add mobile app build style to operative status widget

  • Support multiple notes and attachments on the operative entry screen

  • Internal Backlog Refinement App – improved integration to Jira

  • Add the asset refrigerant charge onto the printout in place of what is currently reading refrigerant charge estimate

  • Make the mobile app sync code more sensitive to which parts should be sent to ACR engineers if stock is turned off

  • New report showing contacts for newly created clients to help monitor correct gathering of Billing information

  • Changes to the mobile app sync code to support engineers testing multiple app style simultaneously

  • New caption to improve recording visits

  • Show the status of related jobs on purchase order invoice passing screen

  • Add invoice communication substitution for invoice due date

  • Support grouping related sales invoices for a Care and Repair project by charge address

  • Improvements to how duplicate asset references are handled by the ACR mobile application

  • Changes to filename produced from the quote sheet PDF generation

  • Change how attachments are shown on the job sheet to support cross-depot searching by approved users

  • Add the costcode to the related invoices section on the PO sheet

  • Store a default invoice comm against clients to improve automation of invoice emails

  • Add last status date to the variations request report

  • Support auto-expandable text boxes on manual job entry and notes / attachments screens

  • Add trade filter and column to jobs to be charged report

Bug Fixes

  • Log contact amendments from the jobsheet into the audit trail

  • Improved handling of changing contracts from the job header screen

  • Confirm Desirable Penetration Details – fixed available fields to support just FRA penetration photos

  • Minor code fixes to form elements on the new charge address screen

  • Suppress de-activated suppliers from the search for linking subbies to suppliers

  • Fix bug with ampersands in parts lookup on the delivery entry screen

  • Fix the return damaged stock back office screen

  • Changes to the maintenance scheduler to add the correct costcode to new jobs.

  • Fix handling of double space lines on sales invoice PDF

  • Respect the sequence of sales lines when cloning a job

  • Fixes to the copyright notice on the login screen

  • Fix related jobs process report so there is no document preview link if there is no photos