• Ian Mellor

June Release 2022

In April Chris went to see one of our customers (who has been with us since 2014) to have a catch up review of how they use the system. James, one of our apprentice programmers, went along with him so that he could meet some of our users and participate in the requirements gathering stages of development. Following that meeting we've made a number of small changes to help their processes including several that James has taken from initial report to release - included in this release are three of these relating to prompts for the engineers and captioning on the mobile application.

At the start of last year we dramatically improved how we link to the integrated help within your systems - and whilst we see users accessing and referencing the online help capability for some topics, we think this is an often overlooked feature. To improve the access to the online help we've added a new "Help" menu to all systems that replicates the "?" functionality on all screens - and pre-populated all the top level topics for easy access. We have also added a "New" icon next to it, so hopefully it is more accessible now. This new menu also includes links to all our youtube content.

New Features

  • Added some new prompts to the mobile app that can be turned on to remind engineers to record various small things that they sometimes forget

  • Changed captions on all the survey screens of the mobile application

  • "NEW" help menu to improve access to key help topics

  • New filter on the Job Costing report to allow for searching and breakdown by client branch

  • Usability improvement to purchase invoice entry to default new line values

  • New system option to control the maximum allowed purchase invoice entry discrepancy to prevent big errors but still allow non-compliant invoices to be entered

  • Added the ability to "close" supplier notes

  • Changes to how purchase orders default VAT codes based on materials codes entered

  • Customer specific wording changes to the "after visit travel" screen on the mobile application

  • New process to unify adding jobs into work plans to support both contractor-managed work plans, and client spreadsheet upload of jobs

  • Bulk certificate [payment] passing for batches with zero discrepancy between client and contractor

  • Added support for sticky first columns in reports

  • Improved support for looking up inspection/survey values when entering them on the mobile application

  • Added feature to print out all styles of PDF order print to help new customers select their favourite style

  • Improved support for html text entry for email content and other communications

  • Improvements to the layout of the diary day view

  • Customer specific changes to sequence of sections on the mobile application

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed audit trail for mobile timesheet entry

  • Fixed "ghost" purchase invoice entry by changing how PDFs are attached to invoices

  • Fixed sorting columns with apostrophe in the captions

  • Fixed RAMS mobile survey to auto-scroll on "deadly" answers like other mobile surveys

  • Changes to the diary day view to improve logging of parameters when moving jobs between engineers

  • Improved handling of heif image files whilst maintaining original filenames

  • Fixed base timesheet PDF print to align column sub-totals

  • Fixed [developer only] view of underlying report names to help with quick debugging