• Ian Mellor

May Release 2022

This release mostly features a large number of small changes and performance improvements. We have been doing a lot of back-porting of changes between the Feb release and today due to the way some of our recent implementations have fallen, so whilst it looks like there's been a bit of release gap we have been moving forward without a dedicated release.

The mobile app has received a large number of changes since the start of the year to freshen up the user interface, and make it more intuitive for new users. This release has seen us re-model the main "Places To Go" screen to change how refreshing the list works, and changes to all the menus throughout the app.

New Features

  • Added the ability to control which users can re-open archived jobs independently to who can archive jobs

  • Added "on schedule" warning icon column in the engineer status dashboard widget to allow better highlighting of engineers who are overrunning on their last task

  • Change calculations of annual leave to respect office-wide absence bookings like tool box talks

  • Changes to serialised stock recording against jobs, and correcting visits

  • Change project sub-job auto-incrementing reference to allow to be based off or independent of the project reference

  • Added the file name to the auto-comment for attachments dragged and dropped onto jobsheets

  • New landing page for the generic spreadsheet importer to take the user straight through to a report of the imported jobs

  • Changes to the clone engineer feature to allow better cloning of unique costs and overtime rates

  • New filters on the F-Gas movement report

  • Improvements to the GUI to allow report links to behave the same whether the report is launched as a stand-alone page or within the main UI

  • Changes to the Building Maintenance Mobile App Places to Go screen - new context sensitive menu and error display mechanism

  • Added the ability to create new order lines as part of purchase invoice entry to allow dynamic corrections

  • Change to the mobile app to support new captions for target date and appointment dates