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Zahir has recently worked on a fairly simple change that is hoped to have quite a large impact on the resident satisfaction survey that is captured by engineers. We asked Zahir to explain the change and document what we hoped to achieve. This change was requested by one of our building maintenance contractors who focuses on house builder's defects, and they were looking for a quick solution to residents refusing to fill in the confidential survey within the mobile application whilst the engineer was standing next to them....

Currently when the engineer is completing a visit using the mobile application, the resident is asked to complete the QA questions after a visit is completed, this provides vital feedback that is based on how well the engineer performed from the perspective of the resident.

What often occurs is that residents can feel intimidated by the engineer and would therefore refuse to complete the QA or they would fill it out incorrectly. This would hinder the results that could have been used to increase the efficiency of the engineers.

The proposed fix was to create an extra screen right before the QA question section. This screen will ask the resident whether they want to complete a customer satisfaction survey and it informs them that it is confidential, this message can be customised based on what you want to convey to your residents. There are also two buttons on the page, one which says ‘Skip QA’ while the other says ‘Continue’. If they decide to skip the QA questions then it goes straight past the questions to gather the residents signature before it formally completes the visit and synchronises to base. However if they decide to continue then it goes to the QA questions and allows the resident to answer them.

The implications of this amendment to the visit process could potentially increase the effectiveness of the QA feedback section that is received due to the fact that the residents will feel less pressure to leave a good review but rather a reliable and truthful one. This also means that they can skip the QA questions which might inconvenience the residents less. This may result in less feedback being generated however may increase the reliability of the answers that are received by the residents.

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