• Ian Mellor

November Release

This release adds support for showing engineers/operatives their annual holiday allocation. The mobile holiday request module is an optional feature introduced earlier in the year, and was originally intended to be a simple "request absence" process. It has since grown and in this release also shows engineers how much holiday they have requested in a year, and how much is left. Before next month's release we will also back port some additional changes that didn't quite make it into this release to limit holiday requests to whatever your financial period is to simplify keeping track of holiday allocation in a year.

The other new feature in this release is a supplier communication module. All customers now have access to a process that allows you to send reminders to your suppliers. This builds on similar client facing capabilities to send emails of outstanding invoices and jobs, and allows you to send lists of under delivered orders or un-invoiced orders to suppliers. This will help you chase sub-contractors who can often be slow sending through their invoices. You can create as many supplier communication templates as you want, and we'd be happy to have a chat to talk you through the process if you've not looked at communications before.

New Features

  • Changes to the mobile holiday request feature to record available holiday and support displaying remaining holiday in a year

  • Coming soon: changes to the back office holiday booking to prevent holidays from spanning years

  • New supplier communication process to allow semi-automated emails of outstanding or uninvoiced orders to be sent to suppliers

  • Changes to the look and feel of the FIRAS fire safety penetration report to support more photos

  • Support hiding archived pricelists when pricing individual sales codes

  • Minor changes to some customer specific invoice templates and survey templates

  • Improvements to sequencing of built in help articles

  • Changes to dashboard background images

  • Changes to the client wizard to improve support for contract specific charge addresses

  • Changes to the text area resizing to support manual resizing

  • Added additional columns to show outstanding value in the jobs to be charged report to show more information for jobs with interim and part invoices

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to amending supplier branches for purchases to prevent spurious warning about duplicate references

  • Fix incorrect formatting of currency symbol in the job site report

  • Fix to support downloading an arbitrary number of site and asset details from a full client asset list

  • Fix to selection criteria for reclaim cylinders in the back office

  • Fix error launching dashboard contract summary as a stand-alone report

  • Fix for displaying the diary screen when switching between scheduling workplans by jobs and by asset dates