• Ian Mellor

October Release

This release includes a new auto-allocation process that we had been asked to look at by one of our contractors. Once upon a time, they used to have Opti-time to allocate all their work, and have been asking us to look at the feasibility for a simple version of that every couple of years. We worked with them on a fairly straight-forward set of rules, and turned it in to an automated process.

Other changes this release include a major overhaul of how we generate our job history, and a really easy to use method for cloning engineers (not in the real world, just in the database!). We also have the usual range of minor feature tweaks, and a couple of bug fixes.

New Features

  • First pass at a simple auto-allocation timed process

  • Added greater visibility of who made changes into the job history to allow for better reporting

  • Added a clone engineer option

  • Enabled archiving of old property contacts

  • Reduce the size of photos on FIRRAS log PDF

  • Change to asset register to allow multiple sections of the register to be editable by the engineer

  • Added the ability for end users to set charge addresses against contracts

  • Added the ability to change whether job number or ticket number are displayed on the mobile application

  • Internal changes for the CIS domestic reverse charge VAT end user captioning

  • Support for removing the “no change” option for (F-Gas) mobile engineers completing individual asset tasks

  • Added the outstanding amount to the ready to charge batch – to support jobs with interim invoices

  • Added the ability to archive help topics

  • Added an (operative visible) asset detail to store the last completed date of all work types

  • Added a manual update notification to the out-dated build report to enable faster update of engineer builds

  • Added more options to the branding screen to enable upload of more images

  • Changes to the generic job importer to support empty job number column

  • Changes to the issue to sub-contractor screen to support percentage discounts on sub-contract orders

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent duplicate photos appearing in recently uploaded dashboard panel

  • Fixes to (F-Gas) reclaim cylinder searches

  • Fixes to display the correct client default invoice communication during setup

  • Fixes to unique reference checks when editing purchase order header

  • Fixes to display of window arrangement buttones

  • Fix display of proximity stars on issue job for empty postcodes

  • Fix sequencing of help topics