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Our New Green Announcement Blob

We have recently developed a new way of updating our users of new features in the system. If there has been a new release since the last time you logged in you will be greeted by a green blob at the top of the dashboard, above all your usual widgets. It contains the headline for the release, a few words about the what's new.

The reason we decided to implement this feature was that we realised we wanted to expand many of the functionalities in our system but weren't sure how we could effectively communicate the changes to our users. When we looked at many of the systems we use in our everyday lives we saw that they had prominent ways of informing us that something was new or had changed and thus we set out to replicate this simple but practical component to help users understand releases better.

When you click on the blob you will be taken to a screen that shows all the notes for versions with the latest one at the top.

Now you have visited the version notes page when you next log in the green blob will be gone from the dashboard. This can be stopped by ticking the checkbox in the top right of the screen

If you ever want to access the version notes page and the green blob isn't there you can use the "Version Notes" item from the top right menu.

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