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Paperwork Costs a Small Fortune

Paperwork Costs a Small Fortune

We Can Help You Save £1,000s

Paperwork costs you more than you think. A typical building repairs and maintenance firm with 20 engineers will be wasting a mind-blowing £210K per year shuffling paper.

When you add up the time, you spend:

  • In the office raising jobs and printing them

  • Your engineers spend collecting the printouts, filling them out and returning them

  • Looking for job sheets, deciphering them and typing up the details recorded into your current system

This can easily cost each operative 1 hour per day, and it is probably two full-time admin's job transferring this information from the paperwork into your system.

Is there a better way? Yes, by utilising technology you can communicate without the operatives ever having to come into the office. Your staff will only ever type information once, and there will be no need to interpret your operative's handwriting.

The main questions our customers usually have are:

  • How will my operatives cope with using a mobile application?

  • How do we implement a change in working practice?

  • How will we manage our jobs without the paperwork as a visible indicator in a pigeon hole or in-tray?

Surprisingly Easy to Use

We designed our mobile application to be simple to use and require very little training. Unlike other applications which replicate paper forms onscreen, our application follows a simple process flow and walks the operative through what they need to record.

Typically a group of operatives are fully trained in less than two hours and ready to use the application in the field.

We recently had an enquiry from someone who had left one of our customers to start their own company. They contacted us saying: "I have used your software as an engineer and think it would be a good fit for my company".

Helping You Every Step of the Way

Our in-house team of experts are here to help guide you and manage your system's implementation. They will bulk load your data, map your existing processes onto the system processes, and configure the system to minimise the learning curve for you and your staff.

Our customer support team is second to none and will always go above and beyond to help you. Here is an example of our customer's feedback on our support team. "Chris has been brilliant. He is an asset to you."

The same staff who help and guide you through go-live will also support you once you are live and will be there to guide you as you progress.

Managing Your Work Without Paperwork

There is something comforting about a big pile of paper tickets. It makes you feel like you are busy, and when you have processed them, you feel like you have achieved something.

However, working hard is not the same as working effectively. By utilising how the system maps your business processes, you can see that work is flowing and getting done without relying on a mountain of paper.

Additionally, we will guide you on getting the maximum out of our system and assist in solving any challenges that you may face. We have helped many of our customers grow and become more efficient.

We're Surely Not Spending £210k on Paperwork?!

And for those who don't believe that it can cost you £210k here is the maths:

Based on a firm of 20 operatives, 4 office staff and a manager.

Assuming each operative spends 30 minutes collecting paperwork in the morning and 30 minutes returning it at night, this equates to 20 hours per day, 100 hours per week and 4700 hours per year.

Assuming that each operative cost £30 per hour once you factor in wages, van, insurance, holiday pay etc. this comes to *£141k per year*, just driving paperwork around.

You then have 4 office admin who probably spend 50% of their time printing out job sheets, looking for them, deciphering them and typing up the details recorded on them into your current system. If we assume they work 37.5 hours per week, this equates to 3,525 hours per year. An admin person probably costs you two times their salary once you consider holiday pay, sick pay, equipment etc. This means they cost you at least £20 per hour.

This equates to *£70k per year*.

*Giving you a grand total of £210k to print out paper job sheets, drive them around and type up what is written on them when they come back. *

We Are Here to Help

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