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Remote Working and Managing Remote Staff

Remote Working and Managing Remote Staff

Don’t Be Worried by the Challenges and Difficulties of Remote Working

We have helped many of our customers do this. The main problems they have needed to solve are:

  • How can our staff access the information that they need?

  • How can we make sure the jobs are getting done, and we are keeping our appointments?

  • How can we make sure the staff are working?

These are also the same challenges you face as your company grows in scale and you can't physically see all the staff in your office.

By implementing our system, some new processes and utilising key performance information you can solve all of these problems, whilst saving time and money.

Give All Your Staff Access to the Information They Need

Our solution is cloud-based, so your staff can work from anywhere. It was designed from the ground up as a web-based admin tool so it is lightning fast and responsive.

All the information about every job is uploaded to one system which everyone on your team can access securely from anywhere. This saves phone calls, removes the risk that information is lost in shared documents, and makes it easy to give consistent information to your customers.

The cherry on the cake is that you can improve your billing process, reduce errors, and minimise non-productive time.

Make Sure All Jobs Are Completed, and Appointments Safely Kept

You can see at a glance if jobs are being carried out or if corrective action is needed by using our interactive dashboard. Real-time data about every job flows back from your mobile engineers.

You can monitor KPIs on allocated workloads, engineer status, jobs due soon, appointments due, overviews of all your job statuses, key financial information, and much more.

By capturing dynamic risk assessment information for each job, you also ensure your engineers and customers are kept safe.

Maximise Your Team’s Productivity

You don’t need to watch your staff or monitor every keystroke to know they are working effectively. Our KPI monitoring can highlight any backlogs building in the workflow, and you can support your team following effective processes.

We maintain a detailed audit trail of all activity in the system, so you quickly see who is accessing which jobs, and how long processes are taking.

We also geotag all engineer activity, whilst producing detailed automatic timesheets as they progress through their jobs.

Embracing Working From Home Can Save Money!

By reducing the number of staff you have in your office you can reduce the size of the office you need (or not need to move as you expand).

Utilising a single source of information reduces the non-productive time spent locating and collating the relevant information.

When everyone accessing and updating the same single system you remove duplicated tasks.

We Are Here to Help

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