• Ian - Epix

September Release

Over the summer we have revamped the online help within the system - there has been a major overhaul of the style, and the content. This is accessible from the "?" at the top of each window. We have also added the ability to mail-merge asset register details into all communications, brought supplier notes up to the same status as property and client notes, and implemented an exciting new screen in the mobile app that allows engineers to "self-allocate" jobs from the unallocated pool of work - all of these can be turned on easily, just let us know if they sound interesting.

New Features

  • Added new help system and content

  • Added asset substitutions to communications

  • New process within the mobile application to allow users to self-allocate more work

  • Added supplier notes that are visible during order entry to allow important notes to be stored against suppliers

  • Add support for setting the status for manually entered jobs on a per-contract basis

  • Future proof all unique reference generators to work with multiple elements on the same page

  • Changes to the captioning of the work screen on the mobile application

  • Changes to filename display on the mobile application to be more meaningful to the users

  • UI changes to large text areas

  • Final windowing functionality – to allow snapping of windows in more directions

  • Removed the ability to edit the times on dummy visits

  • Changed approval of absences process to suppress everything except annual leave requests

  • Changed sequence of results fields in live lookup of charge addresses to make the process easier to use

  • Made more notes visible on the job issue screen to assist during allocation

  • Add a "sort option" next to the date on diary screen with options for "alphabetical" and "primary trade"

  • Support for 4 new survey layouts

Bug Fixes

  • Fix changing a purchase order status to the same status it was already, which resulted in the order status being null.

  • Changed how we populate stock containers (gas cylinders) to improve support for reclaim gas

  • Fixed editing of stores and depots

  • Fix sync between maintenance and callcentre systems

  • Fix where on screen the operative diary popups show to avoid horizontal scrolling pages