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T-Shirt Competition

Dominic Roberts from Link Contracting says:

"Implementing Epix opened new doors for Link as a company, launching us forward to enable us to provide a new level of service"

Everyone likes to think they build close and lasting relationships with their customers. At Epix we hope we are successful at that – we try to achieve it by always making sure our software stays relevant to our customers, and by talking to our customers. At the moment we have 48 contractors using our software spread from Portsmouth up to Inverness, 30 of which have been using our system for more than 5 years.

We like to talk to our customers regularly, and try to visit as often as is possible. On top of the normal support conversations that our help-desk team handle, in the last year we managed to have face-to-face meetings with at least 30 of our contractors. We used these sessions to discuss specific needs and problems, we reviewed how the users could get the best from the system, and how best their business and our solution could evolve together. We try not to turn the meetings into a sales-fest of new products they could spend money on, and instead focus on how best to maximise what they already have.

In February we visited Link-Contracting in Wigan. They have been a customer of ours since 2016, and have recently dramatically increased their usage of the system. We were concerned that maybe we were losing track of who they were, and how we could help. After a productive meeting in their modern new offices we came away with the typical list of action points, and a testimonial!

Dominic, their Operations Manager, said:

“Link Contracting Services Ltd is a rapidly expanding maintenance & construction company which prides itself on delivering an excellent service to a variety of customers in many different sectors. In 2016 we assessed our current ways of working and concluded that to ensure that we meet our core value ‘deliver on time’ that we needed a reliable, logical and innovative system to support the company. Implementing Epix opened new doors for Link as a company, launching us forward to enable us to provide a new level of service with accurate and real-time information. Epix has formed the core of all of our departments, from maintenance to accounts and from large projects to health & safety.”

We loved the fact that he was happy to say this – we don’t really do marketing very well, and we rarely think of asking for a testimonial. But almost more exciting than the testimonial, though, were the 2 photos he sent with it. To celebrate their new office they had commissioned a professional photographer to take pictures of them at work – and Dominic had sent us 2 shots putting our product at the heart of their company. This has given us a thought…and now we have a photo competition for our customers!

Contest Details

So here’s the challenge...send us a photo of someone using our software (back office, mobile software, portal etc), and we’ll send you a company t-shirt! The only restrictions are that you need to be one of our customers, and it needs to show one of your team using our system! Just email your photos to any of us. We’ll share any and all photos sent to us, so be sure to let us know your favourite social media tags too.

There will be a extra prize for the best photo – probably something cheesy like a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or some cheese.

If the images are the right sort of shape and size we’ll even replace the rubbish iStock photos on our website with real people, and maybe reward that with still more cheese.