• James - Epix

The Importance of Cake (and Coffee)

At Epix we take our culture very seriously and with coffee and cake being so deeply ingrained in who we are, making sure we get our fill is no laughing matter! From birthdays to sprint planning meetings, any occasion is a good enough occasion for cake and as for coffee and tea, we wouldn't be able to make it to lunch without them. Many would think such things would be an afterthought but not at Epix.

Cake in meetings is so important because above all it lures us into the meeting room, but it also helps us all engage with each other better! On the Friday morning at the end of a sprint instead of moping over how we could still be in bed we all excitedly await the review meeting. This is because we know that undoubtedly there will be specially selected treats, this could be anything from an assortment of Tesco brownies and flapjacks to one of Patisserie Valerie's finest cheesecakes.

As can be seen above, cake and hot drinks make us very happy and productive here at Epix so we intend to stick to our ways. Now, time for some cake!

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