Is your work profitable?

Information is key, without accurate information you are just guessing. We built a solution from the ground up to capture the real-time data from your engineers on every job. We then allow you to see the ongoing profitability of jobs as they progress through your system, ultimately allowing you to slice your data however you want. We provide you with a whole suit of reports that interrogate your data across different dimensions - from clients and contracts, to depots and contract managers.

Just because you are doing a lot doesn't mean you are getting a lot done. There are bound to be some contracts that are more effort than they are worth, or that distract you from the profitable work. We can take the emotion out of your perception of which contracts are important, and which are just noisy.

Even if all your work is equally profitable are you sure you are recovering all your costs when you are billing your clients? At the very lowest level we keep you informed on a job-by-job basis before you invoice the work to make sure you achieve your target margins.

For details of how we can help you monitor your costs and sales, call Ian on 0161 477 2343 or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

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Mobile Working

Benefits: increased productivity, reduced administration costs, increased control, increased visibility, better utilised workforce, faster charging for work

Job Control

Benefits: increased visibility, increased control, reduced aministration costs, increased recorvery of costs, increased security and resilience

Client Integration

Benefits: remove the cost of double entry, improve the accuracy of information by removing human error, reduced chase up calls from clients

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Our Vision

  • Provide a secure future for our staff.
  • Benefit our customers and help them to succeed, except where this conflicts with the first law.
  • Have fun, so long as this does not conflict with the first and second laws.

These laws serve us well because by having a team who know that their security is the most important thing to us they feel safe so that they can focus on helping our customers and solving problems; by benefiting our customers and helping them to succeed we build long relationships that shape our future too; and by having fun we make sure that our team is enthusiastic and ready to innovate every day.