We hope you’ll find this selection of videos providing help and support useful.

If you need more information about any of the topics covered (or anything we haven’t covered) please get in touch.

How to mark a Client as ‘On Stop’

Prevent jobs being logged or warn your users not to raise jobs for certain clients.

Mobile Timesheet Portal

All about our new mobile timesheet portal. Learn how to add timesheet entries for jobs using the new online portal.

How to clone, or copy a system user

Use the copy option to clone an existing back office user to create a new one. This is the quick way of creating new users in your system.

The Certificate Importer

How to import values from a certificate from your client to mark applications as paid.

How to import jobs from a spreadsheet

Use our generic job importer to upload jobs to the system in bulk. Particularly useful if you receive a large volume of jobs in one go from your client.

Using the Projects Module – an Introduction to Projects

How to use our Projects Module to manage a project.

Post Inspections

How to create, issue and complete a post inspection.

Fire Risk Assessments – Survey and Remedial Jobs

How to create and issue FRA survey jobs and subsequent jobs for remedial works.

Fire Risk Assessments – Survey and Remedial Jobs

How to create and issue FRA survey jobs and subsequent jobs for remedial works.

Fire Risk Assessments – Completing Remedial Works using the Mobile App

How to complete Remedial Works for FRA jobs using the mobile app.

Fire Risk Assessments – Completing a survey on the Mobile App

How to use our FRA Mobile App to complete a penetrations survey.

Import jobs to your Projects using the Project Job Importer

How to setup a file to use for importing your jobs.

Exporting invoices out of the system

How to export sales and purchase invoices out of the system into csv files ready for upload into your accounts software.

How to apportion time for visits in RACSAMS

Our new and easy screen to help split the times across multiple jobs on a visit in our RACSAMS system.

Issue Jobs in Bulk

How to use the ‘issue bulk’ feature to issue jobs out in bulk to your operatives. This is particularly useful if you have a list of similar jobs grouped by trade or skillset or even dates that you want to hand out to the same operative.

Using Communications for sending emails

Using communications templates to set up emails.

Advanced Contract Options

How to set the advanced options with the contract setup. It will help you to watch the first video in how to setup / edit contracts before this one.

How to Record a Visit

Recording a visit using the back office system.

Adding and Editing Contracts

How to add a new contract to the system and the process of editing an existing one.

How to move a purchase order from one job to another

How to move a PO from one job to another is one of those questions we get a lot so I thought a video may help…

Adding a site from the job entry screen

This tutorial explains how to add a new site or property to your system for a client as you are creating the job.

Approving Absences in the Back Office

This video is all about how a user can authorise or approve absence requests that have been logged in the system.

Requesting Holidays using the Mobile App

This short tutorial explains how you can use the mobile app to request absences and also see the status of any requests you have made.

Creating a survey

How to create a survey within the system including how to make sure you select the correct units of measure / possible answers to display correctly on the mobile app.

Running Reports

How to get the best out of running reports.

How to Install the Mobile App

Installing the app to the handset and setting it up for an operative.

RACSAMS Maintenance Schedules – Part 1

How to add a maintenance schedule.

RACSAMS Maintenance Schedules – Part 2

The service plan sheet – How to edit a schedule.

Domestic Reverse Charge VAT – Purchasing

How to raise an order with the correct CIS options applied to cater for the Domestic Reverse Charge VAT coming into effect in March 2021.

Domestic Reverse Charge VAT – Sales Invoices

An instructional video to support you through the changes to CIS and VAT as of March 2021.

New AMS End of Visit Screens on the Mobile App

We changed the way we display the end of visit screen on the mobile app… just slightly.

Correcting a Supplier Invoice

How to correct an incorrectly recorded supplier invoice. Perhaps you recorded it incorrectly or the supplier made a mistake on the invoice. This short video explains how to reverse an invoice and record a new one.

Recording an Invoice

Recording a supplier invoice against a purchase order.  How to pass the invoice for payment.

Recording an Invoice

Recording a supplier invoice against a purchase order.  How to pass the invoice for payment.

Raising a Purchase Order

How to raise a purchase order.

RACSAMS Unconfirmed Assets

How to confirm unconfirmed assets into the system.

Communications Templates

How to setup new communications templates (letters / emails). How to edit a communications template. And all importantly, how to use the template within a job setting.

Applications / Certificates / Invoices

The process of applying for payment, recording a certificate and converting the certificate into an invoice.

Personalising the Dashboard

How to personalise your dashboard by editing the columns, rows and sequence order of the widgets from the personalise screen.

Asset Importer

How to import assets in bulk.

Adding Parts / Materials

How to add a new part / materials code to the system and ensure it is visible on a job, purchase order and the PDA app.

Personalising the Jobsheet

How to personalise the job sheet and explaining the difference between ‘hidden’, ‘closed’ and ‘open’ reports.

Adding New Contracts

How to add new contracts to the system, including how to adjust which SOR list / price list the contract is looking at.

Supplier Setup / Editing Supplier Details

How to add a supplier to the system, including adding branches and contacts.

Operative Diary

How to use the Operative Diary and book absences

Issuing a Job

How to issue a job to an operative using the Issue Job screen.

Manual Job Entry

How to log a job using the Manual Job Entry screen.

Introduction to the MARKUS Mobile App

An overview of the most commonly used screens on the mobile application this video is designed to give you a flavour of what our app does, how a job is processed by an operative and how this relates to the back office.

System Basics – Back Office

A brief introduction to Markus AMS in the Back Office containing useful hints and tips and the system basics that you will need in order to get started on our system.

Client Wizard

Using the Client Wizard to add a new client to the system, this video explains each of the stages in the process.

Job Messages

How to add messages to a job, viewing the messages on the job sheet and dashboards, responding to messages and closing them.

Interim Invoicing

A short walkthrough explaining how to do an interim invoice.

SORS and Prices

How to add a sales code (or SOR)

  • Adding prices / modifying prices
  • How to make a sales code visible on the PDA

Operative Setup

Our first online walkthrough video explaining all about the operative setup process.